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Introduction to K-Pop Group TWS: A Multinational Sensation

Debut and Concept

On January 22, 2024, the entertainment world welcomed a new addition, TWS, a six-member multinational boy group under Pledis Entertainment. The name TWS stands for "TWENTY FOUR SEVEN WITH US," symbolizing their commitment to being with their fans at all times. This slogan encapsulates their desire to be a constant and comforting presence in the lives of their audience, transcending time and space through music. Their music and overall concept resonate with the younger generation, featuring lyrics about everyday life and a refreshing vibe that appeals widely.



Debut Date: January 22, 2024 

Debut Album: Mini Album 1st "Sparkling Blue"

Leader: Shin Yu

Genre: Boyhood Pop

Company: Pledis Entertainment




Early Releases and Sparkling Beginnings

Before their official album release, TWS teased fans with a pre-debut single titled "Oh Mymy" on January 2, 2024. This early release hinted at the youthful and vibrant energy that would characterize their debut album, "Sparkling Blue." Released on January 22, 2024, "Sparkling Blue" marked TWS's official entry into the music scene. The album, described as 2024's most anticipated debut, dazzles with its fresh, sparkling melodies and captures the excitement and nervousness of new beginnings, particularly the start of a new school term.



A Fresh Approach to Debut

"Sparkling Blue" is not just an album; it's a narrative of first encounters, unfiltered emotions, and the candid, friendly musical style that TWS aims to embody. The title track, "첫 만남은 계획대로 되지 않아" (The First Meeting Doesn't Go As Planned), expresses the excitement and unexpectedness of new experiences through its lyrics and hybrid pop sound, combining intense drum beats with exhilarating guitar and synth sounds.


The debut album's production involved notable industry professionals, including Han Sung Soo, who previously worked with successful acts like Seventeen, After School, Orange Caramel, NU'EST, and IZ*ONE. Adding a unique touch to the album, renowned 90s manga artist Cheon Kye Young collaborated on the project, contributing illustrations for the album's Weverse edition. This collaboration marked a significant moment, being Cheon's first K-pop project in 25 years since working with H.O.T.



Youthful Nostalgia

"Sparkling Blue" encapsulates TWS's refreshing and youthful charm, set against the backdrop of a school, highlighting ordinary yet special moments of youth. It celebrates the bright, colorful days of adolescence, promising to transport listeners back to their sparkling times of beauty and innocence.


To celebrate the debut of TWS and the release of their first mini album "Sparkling Blue," TWS collaborated with THE MUSEUM VISITOR to host a Pop-up Store event at the Modern Department Store in Seoul. The event garnered tremendous popularity.




A Journey of Friendship and Growth 

Although TWS has only made their debut in 2024, the future holds immense promise for them. Their unique blend of refreshing music, genuine storytelling, and the ability to resonate with a global audience sets them apart in the competitive K-pop industry. With their debut, TWS has not only showcased their musical talents but also their potential to grow and evolve with each release. As they continue to navigate their journey, fans and music enthusiasts alike can look forward to more innovative music, captivating performances, and the deepening of the bond TWS seeks to create with their audience. The beginning for TWS may have been in 2024, but their trajectory points towards a bright and influential career in the music world.


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