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SEVENTEEN : South Korea's Multinational Boy Group Phenomenon

Debut and Group Composition

On May 26, 2015, SEVENTEEN made their debut under Pledis Entertainment as a 13-member multinational boy group from South Korea. Despite the group name suggesting a total of 17 members, SEVENTEEN is composed of 13 members, 3 sub-units, and 1 team, collectively symbolizing the number 17. 



Debut Date

- Korea :May 26, 2015

- Japan: May 30, 2018

Debut Album

- Korea: 1st Mini Album: 17 CARAT

- Japan: 1st Mini Album: WE MAKE YOU

Leader: S.Coups

Agency in Korea: Pledis Entertainment


Fandom Name: CARAT



Conceptual Versatility

SEVENTEEN is well-known for their refreshing concept, gaining significant affection from fans right from their debut song "Adore U" to their fourth title track “Very NICE”. The group has occasionally shifted to more intense concepts with tracks like “BOOMBOOM”, “CLAP”, and "Fear" in 2016, 2017, and 2019, respectively. Nevertheless, they have not abandoned their refreshing image, as demonstrated by the summer hit "Oh My!" in 2018 and their 2022 comeback with “_WORLD”. This adherence to their refreshing concept is a testament to SEVENTEEN's desire to present their most natural selves, with albums produced to showcase the aspects of SEVENTEEN they wish to express the most. 



Maximizing Unit Potential

SEVENTEEN fully utilizes its concept of 13 members plus 3 units and 1 team/fandom to bring a diverse range of music and performances. The group not only includes unit songs in their albums but also plans special events for each unit, highlighting their commitment to showcasing a variety of talents and concepts. This approach has led to the creation of over 20 mix units as of August 2021, further diversifying their musical offerings. 



Discography Highlights


1st Full Album: "FIRST 'LOVE&LETTER'"

Released on April 25, 2016, "FIRST 'LOVE&LETTER'" is SEVENTEEN's debut full-length album, marking their first music show win. The album encapsulates the passion of boys experiencing love for the first time and their heartfelt messages to fans, setting a significant milestone in SEVENTEEN's career.



2nd Full Album: "TEEN, AGE"

On November 6, 2017, SEVENTEEN released their second full album "TEEN, AGE", concluding the "2017 SEVENTEEN PROJECT" with a narrative of growth and unity. This album was highly anticipated for its cohesive storytelling, likened to watching a film, and for building on the success of their third mini-album “Going Seventeen".


3rd Full Album: "An Ode"

“An Ode”, released on September 16, 2019, is SEVENTEEN's third full-length album, arriving nearly two years after “TEEN, AGE”. The album's title signifies a song or poem of tribute, aligning with the group's "Ode to You" concert series. Achieving an impressive initial sales milestone, "An Ode" further cemented SEVENTEEN's status in the music industry.



4th Full Album: "Face the Sun"

Released on May 27, 2022, "Face the Sun" represents SEVENTEEN's ambition to become as influential and unique as the sun itself. The album reflects the group's determination to face challenges head-on and strive for the pinnacle of success, showcasing the collective and individual contributions of members in music production and songwriting.



Going Seventeen

"Going Seventeen" is the weekly web variety show of the South Korean idol group Seventeen, simultaneously uploaded every Wednesday on YouTube and Weverse. Launched in 2017, it initially offered a glimpse into the everyday lives of the members, including behind-the-scenes content from music broadcasts, fan signing events, and various fan activities. However, in 2018, with a fresh title, "GOING SEVENTEEN SPIN-OFF", the show expanded its horizon beyond just behind-the-scenes content to well-crafted, substantial segments akin to formal variety shows. Since then, it has continued to air through 2019, 2020 and the current 2023 season. With its diverse cast, the show provides a wide range of content, successfully garnering over 1.09 million YouTube subscribers by March 2024. "Going Seventeen" has become incredibly popular for showcasing the chemistry among its members, proving to be a beloved series among fans worldwide.


SEVENTEEN continues to captivate fans worldwide with their dynamic concepts, cohesive group identity, and ambitious musical projects. Their journey from debutants to global superstars is a testament to their talent, hard work and the innovative approach to music and performance. As they evolve and expand their horizons, SEVENTEEN remains a beacon of creativity and inspiration in the K-pop industry, promising to bring more refreshing, engaging, and meaningful music to their ever-growing fanbase.


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