[ARISAEM] Arisaem Water Portable Bottle Mineral Alkali HydrogenWater Blue


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Sold by AriSaemPOZ

Bottle if the drinking water to put by Reductaseball You can drink the healthy minerals from Alkali reduction hydrogen. It can help you control active oxygen, because you can eat balanced ineralized water everywhere and anywhere. Is made with Tritan material was not added environmental hormones and harmful materials to human body is an environmentally friendly material.


AriSaem Water

Meets Water healthy and my body
Mineral-rich balanced reducecd water!
Enjoy an active hydrogen healthy water everywhere

Features of mineral water hydrogen reduction

1.Increase the ratio of hexagonal water to activate the cluster.
2.The mineral-rich produce catalysts with active hydrogen.
3.Increase the alkali antioxidant to rise and reducing power strengthened.
4.It causes the reduction of active oxygen water.

Pure water change due to the natural ore
 [Mg+2H2O → Mg(OH)2 + H2/H2(Hydrogen molecules) + O3-(Active oxygen) → H2O(Water)]

Best Ahriston Water to hangover
One of the ways the hangover effect of alkaline water.
The action contained in the alkaline minerals to helps a hangover.

How to use

Effective use of AhriSam Water
 Portable water bottle and pour drinking water, you can always drink mineral alkaline water good for the body.
 If the ball is always locked reduced ball the water can inhibit the oxidation of the mineral can drink fresh water.

Do not disassemble the assembly
Do not immerse the heating of hot water for 60°C or more
Do not put drinks on a drinking water(Juice, carbonatetd drinks)
Do not eat reduction ball
Do not more than 2 minutes

How to Cleaning
View from the top of the reduction in the vessd was pourd onto water, insert the dedicated cleaners (Citric acid or Edivle vinegar)
Shake the water and detergent to be intermixed.(See the water enough to imbue the Interior.)
After the age of about 1 minute, until it is completely abandoned water and pour clean water two or three times.
Five minutes later from drinking. (Use uncontaminated water or purified water)
Wash cycle : Ahrisam filters are cleaning in the same manner as above every 7 to 10 days.

How to Manage
When cleaning more than once a day with clean running water and hygienic.
Please wash with regular detergent(Citric acid, vinegar)
With three times a day can be used 12 months.
When not in use for a long time to dry well, please use the dryer after washing.
 Then sealed with a vinyl to keep it when you use it again, please use after washing.

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