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K-Pop Sensation IVE: A Journey Through Their Discography

Introduction: IVE's Debut and Group Identity

Korean girl group IVE, a six-member multinational ensemble, made their debut under Starship Entertainment on December 1, 2021. The group name 'IVE' derived from 'I HAVE' reflects their ambition to proudly showcase everything they possess. Unlike typical girl crush concepts often associated with power and fierceness, IVE has established a unique identity by maintaining the essence of 'girlhood' blended with self-love.



Debut Date

- South Korean: December 1, 2021

- Japanese: October 19, 2022

Debut Album

- South Korean: First Single Album ELEVEN

- Japanese: First Single Album ELEVEN(Japanese ver.)

Leader: An Yu Jin

Genre: Dance, Pop, EDM, R&B, Hip Hop, Ballad

Company: Starship Entertainment

Agency in Japan: Amuse

Agency in American: Columbia Records

Fandom Name: DIVE (다이브)



"ELEVEN" : The Debut Single (Released December 1, 2021)

IVE's first single and debut album, “ELEVEN” released on the day of their debut, showcases the colorful and diverse charm of six girls in love. The song is a pop dance track that portrays the heart of a girl in love, changing into fantastic colors. It's a minimal yet rhythmically varied song that highlights the unique combination and individuality of the members.



"LOVE DIVE" : The Second Single (Released April 5, 2022)

“LOVE DIVE” released on April 5, 2022, is IVE's second single. It topped the 2022 Melon Annual Chart and earned IVE major awards, proving to be a defining hit of the year. The song represents the group's well-recognized identity and is celebrated for showcasing the confident image of beautiful girls.



"After LIKE": The Third Single (Released August 22, 2022)

Released on August 22, 2022, "After LIKE" is IVE's third single. The song is based on the theme of self-love and confident attitudes in love. "After LIKE" combines various genres like EDM, pop, and house, creating a vibrant atmosphere. The lyrics are impactful, focusing on the idea of expressing love not just through feelings but also through actions.



"I've IVE": The First Full Album (Released April 10, 2023)

“I've IVE” released on April 10, 2023, marks IVE's seventh release and their first full album. The title track "I AM" delivers a confident message based on self-love, encouraging listeners to be assured in their path. The song is stylish, combining dynamic music with IVE's explosive vocals. The hopeful lyrics are penned by songwriter Kim Eana, with producer Ryan Jhun crafting the distinctive IVE style.


"I'VE MINE": The First Mini Album (Released October 13, 2023)

The first mini-album [I'VE MINE] by IVE continues to maintain the group's distinct identity while unfolding an unpredictable image of infinite expansion. The underlying message remains the same: it's a narrative about expressing one's emotions openly, showcasing that an individual's inherent charm can emerge without concealment. With confident expressions and styles that hit everyone's preferences, the stylish phenomenon of IVE is ongoing.



From their debut with "ELEVEN" to their latest album “I've IVE” they have continuously presented a blend of girlhood and self-love, making them a standout group in the K-pop industry.


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