K-Trend | June.18.2024

Catch the Rare Moments: HYUNJIN at K-WAVE Concert


Unveiling exciting rare cuts from the concert!

💎 These photos are incredibly valuable and priceless. 💎


On June 2, 2024, Seoul hosted the spectacular K-WAVE Concert, where the immensely talented Stray Kids took the stage. Their performance was nothing short of electrifying as they belted out hits such as 🎤 Intro, 🎤 Lose My Breath, 🎤 S-Class, and the fan-favorite 🎤 God’s Menu.



Our cameras couldn't help but focus on Stray Kids member HYUNJIN, who truly stole the show.


😍 Dressed in an eye-catching ensemble of white pants paired with a white vest, layered with a sheer white shirt and accessorized with a white belt, HYUNJIN was a vision of vibrant energy and charm. His outfit not only highlighted his dynamic stage presence, but also his unique blend of sexiness and cuteness that fans adore.



HYUNJIN's fashion choices, paired with his impeccable performance, made him the standout star of the night. His stylish look, combined with his undeniable talent, ensured all eyes were on him.



HYUNJIN's glowing stage presence, enhanced by his eye-catching attire, lit up the concert and left fans eagerly anticipating what he would bring to the stage next.