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Fall in Love with the Night at CASA BUSANO’s New Espresso Bar, The Terrace Branch


When you think of the hot summer sun in Korea, what city comes to mind? 

“Of course, the maritime city of Busan!” 


And what unique café comes to mind when you think of Busan? 

It's got to be CASA BUSANO! 


And the place where you can enjoy a romantic night at CASA BUSANO? 

Today we're going to introduce you to the TERRACE branch! 


The recently opened TERRACE branch is best visited at night rather than during the day. 


Shall we get lost together in the romance of the sea and CASA BUSANO? 



We thought about whether to introduce it again since we already talked about it before, but we just had to show you the new Terrace branch of CASA BUSANO. It's doing so well! 


💎 How popular is CASA BUSANO now? 

In the previous content, we introduced the Gwanganri branch, and now there's a new Terrace branch at the same location. They wouldn't have taken such a risk if it was just the same café vibe, right? 


😗 What makes CASA BUSANO different from other cafés? 

Most cafés are popular during the day, but the Terrace branch of CASA BUSANO, which we're introducing today, is open until 3 AM and is even more enchanting at night. So we just had to share it with you.



Just like in the picture,  

from the Terrace branch of CASA BUSANO, you get a full view of Gwangan Bridge, a famous landmark in Busan, beautifully nicknamed the ‘Diamond Bridge.’



There are many cafés with views of Gwangan Bridge, but few offer such an unobstructed view as CASA BUSANO. 


In 2024, approximately 7 billion KRW was invested to upgrade the scenic lighting and over 70 media contents of Gwangan Bridge. There are various events depending on the day of the week and season, but we recommend visiting during the weekend evenings. 


Especially on Saturday nights at 8 PM and 10 PM, there is a themed drone show. The shows are held with about 500 drones for smaller displays and up to 2,000 drones for larger ones. The spectacle is truly impressive and outstanding. 


📺 Watch the drone show video filmed by the Suyeong-gu YouTube channel, where Gwanganri is located! 



📺 You can also find many videos filmed by others by searching 광안리 드론쇼(Gwanganri drone show) on YouTube!



Although CASA BUSANO has a very Korean and Busan-inspired name, the interior feels like you've stepped into a European café.  


This unique ambiance attracts not only many Koreans, but also visitors from all over the world, making it clear why this café is so popular.



At the Terrace branch of CASA BUSANO, you can enjoy meals and brunch, as well as a variety of alcoholic beverages.  


If you fancy a light drink, this is the perfect place. Imagine sipping your drink while gazing at the sparkling Gwangan Bridge and the wide-open sea in front of you. It’s impossible not to get swept up in the atmosphere and romance. 



Editor’s Picks:

Top 3 Recommended Drinks

at CASA BUSANO Terrace!


1. 오-부사노 피즈(O-Busano Fizz)



Orange juice, sugar, sparkling water, and espresso.



A unique taste you can only experience here. Unlike the regular espresso you find elsewhere, this one is enhanced with orange juice, giving it a refreshing twist.  


As you sip from the cup, you'll enjoy the layered flavors that naturally blend together, leaving you saying, "Wow, this is really good. 



2. 어덜트 아포카토 (Adult Affogato)



A dessert coffee with cold vanilla ice cream topped with warm espresso. 


This drink truly embodies CASA BUSANO's espresso bar concept.  


It offers a very authentic espresso flavor with a hint of Busan style, making it a bit different and uniquely appealing compared to other espressos you may have tried before. 


A perfect blend of concept and taste! If you've always thought espresso is too bitter and strong to enjoy, this drink will change your mind. Come here and experience a whole new perspective on espresso! 



3. 보성말차 플랫 화이트(Boseong Matcha Flat White)



There's also a drink for those who are sensitive to coffee or caffeine, and this was the most delicious.



Wow, this is indescribably unique and unlike anything we've tasted before. It's sweet yet rich with the flavor and aroma of matcha, combined with cream for a smooth and savory taste. Just reading about it doesn't do it justice, right? 😀 Then you definitely need to add CASA BUSANO Terrace to your travel list! 



- Information about this place

부산광역시 수영구 광안해변로 249 1층

249, Gwanganhaebyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan, Korea

💎 KST 08:30 ~ 03:00 (Last order 02:30)

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