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Experience K-Culture at Home: Unique Products from SSUEIM, From Tradition to Table

Tired of the same old Korean products?

Discover something truly unique!


Do you want to give a gift that truly captures the essence of Korea and combines beauty with usefulness? If so, let me introduce you to the 생활의 쓰임 (SSUEIM) brand.  


This brand is a total living company that offers a variety of items that you can use all around your home. The real charm of this brand lies in the fact that their products perfectly combine beautiful design with practical use, while capturing the unique Korean sentiment. 


💎 Here are some of our top picks from their collection: 


🎁 백자청화초화문편병 주병 5P 세트  

(White Porcelain Flask with Flower Plant Design, Decanter 5P Set) 



This product has a unique story. It's a special item created in collaboration with the to capture the elegance and beauty of Korean cultural heritage.



The design is inspired by porcelain artifacts from the Joseon Dynasty displayed at the ‘Jeonju National Museum’. This set is perfect for enjoying different kinds of drinks in a stylish way. It also comes in a premium gift package, making it an ideal gift for someone special. 



The round things in the photo are traditional Korean 'Tteok' (rice cakes), specifically a type called ★Song-pyeon★. 


🎁 금관굽잔 4P 세트  

(Gold Crown Heel Cup 4P Set) 


Even though it's just a plain white cup, doesn't it have a subtle, serene, and antique feel to it? This product is also the result of a collaborative project with the ‘National Museum Foundation of Korea’.



Inspired by the 6th-century Silla golden crown and a 5th-century Silla footed plate, this modernly designed cup is perfect for everyday use.  


It's designed to enjoy a variety of beverages, from traditional Korean liquor, baijiu, sake, and wine, to other fruit wines from around the world. 


This specially made item helps create happy memories and is loved by people worldwide. It also comes in a premium gift package, making it an ideal gift for someone special. 


🎁 굿바이브 플레이트  

(Good Vibes Plate) 


In a subtle oatmeal hue, this simple and comfortable plate exudes a minimalist style.



The design features a small, adorable smiley face in the center of the plate, along with the words 'GOOD VIBES ONLY'. This conveys a positive message and creates a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere for everyone who uses it.



It can be used not only for snacks and desserts but also as an accessory tray or decorative item. 



It comes beautifully packaged, making it a perfect gift item. 




In addition, there is the Blanc Plate 4P Set, which is made with 1.5 times the strength of ordinary ceramics and uses pure, clean materials as the main ingredient to express a soft, natural color. Even though this is Korean-style pottery, doesn't it remind you of familiar European designs?



The name of this company, 생활의 쓰임, translates to ‘Use in Daily Life’. 

As the name suggests, the company's philosophy is to create products that bring valuable moments of use to everyday life. 


Although not mentioned above, they have released a wide range of products, from tableware to fabric items. 


In addition, to promote items with culture and story overseas, they have collaborated with the National Museum Foundation to release products that are sold at Shinsegae Duty Free, HDC Shilla Duty Free, Incheon Airport Duty Free, and Incheon Airport Korean Culture Center. These products offer another facet of K-culture through everyday items. 


For those who want to know more about the brand's products, here is some additional information. 


🎞 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkkFOEsnqAE 

🛒 Online Store: https://www.ssueim.com     



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