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Unveiling BLACKPINK Members' Name Stories!

Another fun way to learn Korean is to read and pronounce the names of your favorite stars!


Kmall24 offers you a unique opportunity to dive into the meanings behind these Korean names.


Each name has its own unique meaning, and even names that sound the same can mean different things.


So how about we explore the charm of Korean language and culture today through the names of the world-famous BLACKPINK members?



Discover the unique meanings behind the names of the BLACKPINK members: A journey into their personal stories and inspirations



김제니/ Kim Jennie 

Jennie's name hides a truly special story.


Her mother is a die-hard fan of the famous Korean actor Lee Jung-jae. Who is Lee Jung-jae? He's none other than the lead male actor in the globally popular Netflix series “Squid Game.”


Her mother was so enchanted by a character named 재희(Jae-hee) played by Lee Jung-jae in a drama that if Jennie had been born a boy, she planned to name her son 재희(Jae-hee). However, when her beautiful daughter was born, she chose a similar-sounding girl's name, 제니(Jennie).


Recently, the name Jennie has become quite popular for baby girls. Its pronunciation is cheerful, bright, and carries a pleasant feeling. It also looks beautiful in Hangeul. Just hearing the name 제니(Jennie) gives a lovely and endearing feeling.


Many people think that Jennie is an English name, but interestingly, in her case, it's actually inspired by the Korean name 재희(Jae-hee)!



김지수/ Kim Ji-soo 

She is wise and superior to others.


Kim Jisoo is a common and gender-neutral name widely used in Korea, which means it can be used by both men and women. If you search 지수(Ji-soo) on Korea's leading search portals, you'll find a range of people, from women to men.


However, even though the names are the same, their meanings can vary. Some 지수(Ji-soo) are considered to be people with exceptional wisdom, while others are considered to have a firm purpose in life and a strong heart.


The name 지수(Ji-soo) has a soft, loving, and gentle feel to it, giving a sense of comfort when heard.



박채영/ Park Chae-young 

Lives like a beautiful flower. 


채영(Chae-young) is a common female name in Korea.  


When you first hear it, it evokes the feeling of 😍a beautiful flower blooming😍, making it a truly endearing name.  


It's one of those names that makes you feel happy and lovely just by hearing it, capturing the essence of a charming woman. 



리사/ LISA 


The name 리사(LISA) is actually of Thai origin, not Korean. 리사 is the Korean transliteration of the Thai name LISA. 


Born as Pranpriya Manobal, she later changed her name to Lalisa, which means 'the one who is praised'. 


Similar to the name 제니(Jennie), 리사(LISA) has become a popular choice for baby girls born in Korea in recent years. Written in Hangeul, the name is concise and simple, yet beautiful. Its pronunciation is easy, lovely and charming! 



당신의 한국 이름은 무엇인가요? 

What is your Korean name? 


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