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ILLIT's Dazzling Debut: Unveiling 'SUPER REAL ME' to the World



A New Force in K-Pop


On March 25, 2024, ILLIT made an impactful debut, gracing the music scene with their 1st mini-album "SUPER REAL ME" and a memorable fan meeting. Emerging as HYBE's third girl group, following LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans, ILLIT is the inaugural girl group produced by BELIFT LAB, the home to global sensation ENHYPEN. Selected through the JTBC global girl group survival show “R U NEXT?” which aired for about three months starting in June 2023,the final five members showcased their vast potential by conquering various challenges.




Magnetic: A Bold Love Anthem for Teens


ILLIT's debut title track, 'Magnetic,' brightly showcases their identity—filled with whimsy and wit. It straightforwardly portrays the boldness of a teenage girl pursuing her crush, depicted through unpredictable melodies and ILLIT's refreshing vocals.



In "Magnetic," ILLIT expresses intense attraction and palpitations towards a crush as "super attraction." The process of realizing and revealing one's feelings is captured in rhythmic melodies. Lyrics like "I feel like I've become a giant magnet," "Everything about you sticks to my heart," and "I'll follow the pull of my heart towards you," unveil the honest and daring nature of a girl in love.


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The Rise of New High-Teen Stars


ILLIT's debut is marked by unique global endeavors, including tracks inspired by TikTok trend keywords, extensive use of short-form content for debut promotions, and appearances at international fashion weeks even before their debut. Their innovative approach positions them as leaders in the music industry, captivating both visually and auditorily in 2024.




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