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Tasting a Korean Tteokbokki Brand with My Own Recipe: DOOKKI




A dish that's always among the Korean foods most loved by foreigners!😋


Dookki is a customizable instant Tteokbokki brand, enabling anyone to choose their favorite ingredients and create a dish that transforms traditional Korean Tteokbokki into a variety tailored to their own taste and style.


Shall we learn more about Dookki?



Overview of DOOKKI

Company Name: Dareun Inc.

Established: 2014

Business Areas:

✅ Global Franchise Operations: Global franchise operations in Most of Southeast

✅ Meal Kit Sales: Sale of ready-to-eat meal kits

💻 Homepage: www.dookki.co.kr



Dookki is a brand that's acclaimed both in Korea and internationally!😎



No. 1 Brand in Consumer Preferences in Korea Award Recipient Company



No. 1 Recommended Brand in the Home Meal Replacement Category Recipient



Global Brand Franchise Category Award Winner


It's a brand you can trust.😊



An all-you-can-eat Tteokbokki restaurant


It's an instant Tteokbokki restaurant where you can choose from a wide range of Korean ingredients to make and enjoy delicious Tteokbokki on the spot, rather than pre-cooked.👩‍🍳



Tteokbokki Made Your Way


Dookki offers the freedom for anyone to cook with a wide range of ingredients,😝 enabling the creation of personalized Tteokbokki that's beloved by people of all ages, including foreigners.🥘



Featuring a buffet-style setup, you can indulge in an array of noodles,🍜 side ingredients, and sauces to your heart's content, with the added delight of unlimited desserts post-meal. This has made it a favorite Tteokbokki brand among many.😍


Shall we take a look at the unique, fresh ingredients Dookki has to offer?




A Globally Loved Brand

Dookki can be found in 11 countries, including the USA, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia, operating over 400 global outlets.


Foreigners with a strong interest in Korean cuisine are embracing Dookki for its unlimited Tteokbokki and the unique self-serve bar that caters to individual tastes, spreading the love for K-food worldwide.


Shall we meet some individuals who have enjoyed Dookki outside of Korea?



Discover the Dookki you can find in your favorite K-Dramas!🎥

Experience the fun of choosing in the instant tteokbokki scene from the K-Drama "Tale of the Nine-Tailed".




Meal kit products for Dookki


Dookki are also available as meal kits for easy tasting.😋



Enjoy various flavors of tteokbokki 



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