DALCY Prune Night Plus+(20g x 10sticks)

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Sold by DALCY Co., Ltd.

๐Ÿ’œ5 seconds summary of 'Prune Night Plus+' for busy people ๐Ÿ’œ

A comfort drink that is also sold at pharmacy๐Ÿ’Š

Sweet and sour with Prune+Calamansi+Pear ๐Ÿ˜‹

Low calorie at 27 kcal๐Ÿƒ‍โ™€๏ธ

1 day, 1 minute, 1 stick is enough ๐Ÿ‘

No additives, no sweeteners, no preservativesโŒ



KMALL24 DACLY Prune Night Plus+(20g x 10sticks) constipation pregnant k-food detox diet natural wellness kids healthcare

โˆ™Product Name: Prune Night Plus +

โˆ™Brand Name: DALCY

โˆ™Weight: 250g

โˆ™Height: 141cm

โˆ™Width: 68cm

โˆ™Color: Pink

โˆ™Origin (origin): Korea


โˆ™ Key Features

- This product is helpful for constipation and detoxification.

- This product contains high-fiber prunes, vitamin C-rich calamansi, and easily digestible pears.

- For those who have difficulty taking laxatives, it is recommended to consume high-fiber prunes.

- You can manage your health by consuming high dietary fiber.

- Stick type, hygienic and easy to eat.

- This product is widely sold in pharmacies and online in Korea.

- It is a product that can be consumed by all ages, from babies who have started weaning food.

- This product is a health-related food (classified as a general food in Korea).


โˆ™ Advantages

- Manufactured in an OEM manner in a factory certified by HACCP.

- You can manage your intestines at a reasonable price with 1 stick a day.

- It comes in a stick form, so you can consume it hygienically and safely.

- You can enjoy the product in various ways such as carbonated water, salad dressing, yogurt, etc. โˆ™ How to use - For adults, take 1 stick a day and drink plenty of water.

- For babies who have started weaning, start with 0.5 sticks per day.



โˆ™ Cautions (Cautions when using the product)

- Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place.

- Do not drink if the container is deformed, expanded, damaged, or if the contents are altered.

- Do not heat directly in a microwave or fire as there is a risk of quality change.

- Contents may come out when opened. -This product is manufactured in the same manufacturing facility as products using peach, egg, milk, squid, crab, soybean, walnut, beef, wheat, peanut, tomato, buckwheat and shellfish. โˆ™ Certifications

- HACCP certified

- Samsung Product Liability Insurance



โˆ™ Company Overview

- Mingyoo Son, CEO of Dalcy Co., Ltd., is an oriental pharmacist.

- He gained a lot of experience by meeting many patients at pharmacies and oriental medicine hospitals.

- Based on that experience, we are developing and researching healthy products. โˆ™ Factory Information -It is a HACCP certified factory, and it is produced in the OEM method.


โˆ™ Expiration date

- Expiration date 2024.07.27


โˆ™ Customer Reviews

- My baby is a picky eater, but it's good that she eats well...Since she was a baby, if it doesn't suit her taste, she turns her head around, but luckily this seems to suit her taste... Thanks to you, poo is more comfortable than usual... ^^ I'll order more pack next time... Thank you...^^

- My father and I, and everyone in my house had trouble digesting it well, so I had a lot of troubles, but after receiving this recommendation and eating it, I definitely got better! My father likes it so much!! The day I ate it, the speed was good, and it tasted better than I thought, so I think it's really good. This is a good product!!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

- It's sweet and sour~^^ Last time I ate it mostly frozen, and these days I mix it with carbonated water. Second purchase after funding

- I was working at the office, so I couldn't digest it and was very constipated. They said that laxatives are bad if you take them often.. So I ate prune juice, but the prune juice is bulky so I can't eat it all the time. Prune Night Plus+ is packaged one by one, so it's very easy and cute when you take it out of the bag. I'm satisfied with it alone, but lol. Anyway, the taste is sweet and sour. Sometimes I sprinkle it on yogurt instead of breakfast. did it


โˆ™ Frequently Asked Questions

- What is the shelf life of the product? 2024.07.27

- How to consume? For adults, 1 stick per day is recommended. If you want to see the effect faster, you can take up to 3 sticks a day. Please drink plenty of water after eating.

- Can pregnant women take it? It is a product that can be safely eaten even by pregnant women. However, please eat after consulting with your doctor.

- Can babies take it? Babies who have started weaning can also take it. Start with 0.5 stick.

- Are there good nutritional supplements to eat together? Prunes are prebiotics and serve as food for lactic acid bacteria, so it is better to eat them together with lactic acid bacteria.




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