Etude Play Color Eyes Cookie Chips


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Color shade of a charming jjondeuka from Glitter the ninth color, eye shadow palette.

Capacity : 0.8 g * 9

Use-by date : Only more than two years left in from the date of order.

How to Use :
Gently spread it around her eyes by using the fingers or brush.

Country of Manufacture : Republic of Korea.

Ingredients :
The magic of powdered sugar : calcium titanyumbo, talc., Mika, titanium Dioxide Kate rosilli (ci 77891), diamond heterotopic Stearyl starch aluminium, malleiteu oktenil seokssineiteu, dimethicone, red iron oxides, ethyl Boron naiteuraideu, refined Thea, rate, refined tearik source of Citric Acid, purified water, and tearoil Stearate hexyl glycerin, calf and Lauroyl illaisin rillil, Glycol, tinokssaideu rillilsil etokssi a try Carp Lane.
Starch aluminium, Mika and talc. : plain cookies deoku oktenil seokssineiteu, dimethicone, ethyl HEXAR old man a try, polypropylene, nylon - 12, titanium Dioxide purified water, (ci 77891), Thea jinx rate, yellow and die metikonol rillilsil etokssi a try Carp Lane, iron oxide, PC, Ada.Ethyl hexyl and imetikon, glycerin, red iron oxide, black black iron oxide, aluminium and rillil Glycol Hydroxide, metikon
단짠단짠 콘소메맛 : 탤크, 마이카, 알루미늄전분옥테닐석시네이트, 티타늄디옥사이드 (CI 77891), 다이메티콘, 나일론-12, 트라이에틸헥사노인, 폴리프로필렌, 황색산화철, 정제수, 적색산화철, 다이메티콘올, 흑색산화철, 징크스테아레이트, 트라이에톡시카프릴릴실레인, 피씨에이다Emoticon, ethylhexylglycerin, caprilglycol, aluminum hydroxide, methicon.
Oven and starch aluminium : mica, talc. five minutes, oktenil seokssineiteu, titanium and dimethicone Dioxide ethyl HEXAR old man a try, (ci 77891), polypropylene, nylon - 12, red iron oxide, and yellow Thea purified water, black iron oxide, iron oxide, yellow 4, jinx and Die metikonol rillilsil etokssi a try Carp Lane, rate, PC, Ada.Ethyl hexyl and imetikon, glycerin, Carp rillil aluminum Hydroxide, red, red 226, and Glycol.
Chewy chocolate smore: calcium titanium borosilicate, dimethicon, talc, diisostearylmalate, titanium dioxide (CI 77891), propylene glycol dibenzoate, octyldodecyl stearate, polyglyl-2 triisostearate, diphenylsiloxylphenylthylene, polyethylene, polyethylene
Well-baked macadamia: talc, mica, aluminum starch octenyl succinate, red iron oxide, dimethicone, nylon-12, titanium dioxide (CI 77891), triethylhexano, iron yellow oxide, polypropylene, black oxide, purified water, yellow no.4, dimethanol, zinc stethoxyl, zinc stethoxyl,Emoticon, ethylhexylglycerin, caprilglycol, aluminum hydroxide, methicon.
Soboro jam cookie: calcium titanium borosilicate, diphenylsiloxyphenyltrimethicone, phytosteryl/isostearyl/cetyl/stearyl/stearyl/behenyldimerinolite, mica, polypropylene, titanium dioxide (CI 77891), diisostearl malate, hydrogenerated butyllate, hydrogylated polyhydrateImonium hexolite, ethyl hexyl glycerin, tin oxide, propylene carbonate, caprylyl glycol.
Besides, dirty chocolate: talc, mica, red iron oxide, iron black oxide, yellow oxide, iron boron nitride, dimethicon, triethylhexano, polypropylene, zinc stearate, dimethanol, triethoxycaprylsilane, ethylhexylglycerin, PC.Emoticon, Caprilill glycol.
Salted caramel cookie: talc, mica, calcium titanium borosilicate, red iron oxide, boron nitride, iron black oxide, nylon-12, dimethicone, triethylhexanoin, yellow No. 4, polypropylene, titanium dioxide (CI 77891), iron sulfate, zinc stearate, ethylcetylcetylcetyl oxide, diacyl oxide, diemethylcetylcetylcetyl,Emoticon, triethoxycaprilillsilane, caprilill glycol, tin oxide.

Precautions for Use:
1) Consult a specialist if there are abnormal symptoms or side effects such as red spots, swelling, or itching in the area of use due to direct sunlight during or after use of cosmetics.
2) Do not use it in areas with wounds.
3) Precautions for storage and handling
A) Keep it out of reach of children.
I) Keep it away from direct sunlight.
4) If it goes into your eyes, wash it off immediately.

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