Etude Play Color Eyes Autumn Closure


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Autumn shading makeup.

Capacity: 0.7 g x 10 ea

Period of use: 2 years or more left from the date of order.

How to use:
Use your finger or brush to spread it gently around your eyes.

Manufacturer: Republic of Korea

Fall night wind: talc, mica, black iron oxide, silica, nylon-12, octyldosylstearoyl stearate, red oxide, manganese violet, yellow oxide, phenyltrimethicone, titanium dioxide (CI 77891), dipentaerythylhexahydroxysteacrylate/hexaerate,Emoticon.
Brownie mob: talc, mica, silica, nylon-12, octyldodecylstearoylstearate, titanium dioxide (CI 77891), manganese violet, phenyltrimethicone, iron black oxide, iron yellow oxide, iron red oxide, dipentaerythylhexahydroxystearate/hexarate, 1, 2 and 2 and hexaradecarate.Emoticon.
Sha skirt: calcium aluminum borosilicate, mycar, talc, titanium dioxide (CI 77891), diisostearylmalate, hexylaurate, phenyltrimethicone, silica, iron red oxide, magnesium myristate, difentaerythylhexahydroxycystexoborate/hexarate, polyhexa stecystexoborate,
Cozy Tweed: talc, mica, calcium aluminum borosilicate, titanium dioxide (CI 77891), silica, nylon-12, octyldo cylesteroyl stearate, phenyltrimecon, isopropyltitanium triisostearate, iron red oxide, iron black oxide, iron sulfate, iron, iron disulfate, iron, iron, violet oxide, iron, violet oxide, iron, iron, violet.Emoticon, Teen oxide.
Cashmere beige: talc, mica, methylmethacrylate cross-polymer, aluminum starch octenylseoksinate, dimethicone/vinyldimethicone cross-polymer, titanium dioxide (CI 77891), phenyllimethicon, hydrogenated polyisobutene, octyldosylstearohydrate, synthetic diarobutene, synthetic diarobutane,
Bling lace: calcium aluminum borosilicate, diphenylsiloxyphenyltrimethicone, mycar, diisostearylmalate, nylon-12, calcium titanium borosilicate, titanium dioxide (CI 77891), dipentaerythylhexahydroxysteacrylate/hexa stearate, polypropylene, polypropylene, silica-12, calcium titanium borosilicate, etc.
Autumn Trench: talc, mica, silica, nylon-12, octyldoecylstearoyl stearate, titanium dioxide (CI 77891), iron black oxide, phenyltrimethicon, iron red oxide, iron yellow oxide, dipentaerythylhexahydroxocysteacrylate/hexarophyll propionate, ictanoate.Emoticon.
Suede Brown: talc, mica, black iron oxide, silica, nylon-12, octyldodecylstearoyl stearate, titanium dioxide (CI 77891), iron yellow oxide, phenyltrimecon, red oxide, dipentaerythylhexahydroxystearate/hexaethoxy triacrylate,Emoticon.
Muted Ginger: talc, mica, silica, nylon-12, octyldodecylstearylstearate, phenyltrimethicone, yellow oxide, isopropyltitanium triisosteacrylate, black oxide, manganese oxide, red oxide, iron dipentaerythylhexahydroxacrylate/hexaacrylate
Starry night: mica, calcium aluminum borosilicate, talc, diisostearylmalate, synthetic fluoroflogopite, titanium dioxide (CI 77891), red iron oxide, vegetable oil, and hydrogenated caster oil dimer.Irinoleate, iron black oxide, polypropylene, pentaerythyltetraethylhexanoate, 1,2-hexane diol, hydrogenitydressin, iron yellow oxide, tin oxide, glycerylcaprylate, triethoxycaprilsilane

Precautions for Use:
1) Consult a specialist if there are abnormal symptoms or side effects such as red spots, swelling, or itching in the area of use due to direct sunlight during or after use of cosmetics.
2) Do not use it in areas with wounds.
3) Precautions for storage and handling
A) Keep it out of reach of children.
I) Keep it away from direct sunlight.
4) If it goes into your eyes, wash it off immediately.

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