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For:Beaut is different. We are challengers against cliche, heading to the next level that other competitors  can not be chased on. Top notch ideas are developing followed by countless  studies and researches to get on the top of the industry.  For:Beaut is always new. We are focusing on young generation customers and thier "Beauty life". For:Beaut will lead to make your life easier and beautiful. Experience the ultimate "Beauty Life" simply over the product.


The world’s first mens hair styler M Styler

Combing & Styling

Traditional hair straighteners had only focused on womens’ long length of hair, shaped like clip-ons to hold and support long hair.
M’Styler changed the point of view for short hair in hair straightener.
Revolutionary techniques of heat-resistant PBT material sealed the teeth of combs combined with nano-ceramic plate on the bottom to boost style control.
Brush with no fear of burning scalp!

Safety of your hair and scalp

A ceramic-coated heat plate, which minimizes hair damage, is covered by a heat-resistant
PBT brush for safe use, eliminating the risk of burn.

Optimized Temperature Setting

The temperature has pre-set to 120 , for healthy glow on your hair while minimize a damage.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design was applied by researching and analyzing the average hand size of male
adults, line of sight during styling, and behavior patterns.
Compact size for traveling and fit in any types o f bag.

* Product Size : 225mm x 25mm x 45mm

* Certificatite : CE, KC

* Power Consumption : 10w Rated Voltage - A.C 220v/ 60Hz

* How to use:

1. First, check the voltage before you connect the plug to the outlet.
2. Remove the comb from the machine, turn on the power, wait for the lamp to light up, and wait until the machine is heated
3. After 10-15 seconds of preheating, fully connect the comb to the machine.
4. Stick the comb to your scalp and use it as if you are brushing your scalp.

*Extra care should be taken when using.

* This product product may emit smoke during initial use.

* The smoke is not harmful and will quickly disappear.

* It is only the protective application on the heating element being burned off.

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