[POZ] PO CC Cream Premium (NO.23 Natural beige)


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Sold by AriSaemPOZ

Spreadability gives it a soft, uniform skin tone and cover imperfections, CC cream, which produced a clean and clear skin Anti-wrinkle + whitening + sun screen(PF50+ PA+++) Natural Mineral Cream









POZ PO CC CREAMPrimium 40g     No.23 natural beige

KFDA certification whitening, anti-wrinkle, sunprotection cream triple functionality

"The finished one-party skin cream"
 The healthy skin water light convert sunlight seemed laden.

Product Detail

01. Multi-function completed as a single
 Whitening the makeup function, anti-wrinkle, sunscreen, skin rejuvenation, moisturizing, shiny, multi-functional cream that satisfies both singly to protect

02. Light fittings to be in close contact with the skin
 This is a rich moisturizing skin contact without fils the Water lifting, excellent coverage, even in the makeup of the excellent durability to light a single ply

03. This color change toktok capsules
 If the capsule comes into contact with skin color and natural skin toktok burst representation for my skin! Swank brins deep faint sheen gives your face turns bright color tone to help the skin whitening!

04. Exclusion skin irritating ingredients
 CC hypoallergenic cream that can also be used to exclude believe the 10 ingredients that can cause irritation for sensitive skin.

05 Skin breathe a mystery ingredients of the gelite
 About one million year ago it created an eco-friendly bio-materials. This helps the gelite sufficient supply of xoygen to the skin to emit far infrared rays and anions excellent anti-aging action helps to strengthen skin regeneration.

Fitting & Color Change

Lightly fitting in close contact with the skin & This color change capsules toktok! PO CC

[Color Change Capsule]

 Red, Yellow and black capsules are white base and brightly color, combined with white base will produce the perfect skin tone.

 White complexion moment cover capsule formula that touches the skin is changing color to match my skin color change is Complete Choice cream that directing a bright skin.

"No 10 kinds of harmful ingredients"
#Paraben, #Talc, #Alcohol, #Synthetic Coloranls, #TEA, #Dioxane, #MEA, #DEA, #Phthalates, #Formaldehyde


Skin breathe a mysterious ingredients of the gelite
 The high mineral content germanium speak to 'Super ocher'
 Eco-friendly bio-materials far infrared rays and anions out!!
 Grant gives vitality to the skin supplying oxygen


1. General - POZ PO CC Cream Premium

2. Volume / Qty : 40ml

3. How to use : Arrange skin tone with skin and lotion and spread it evenly on the skin

4. Made in : Korea

5. Main ingredients : ADENOSIN, NIACINA-MIDE...   (Listed on the product or package)

6. Qty / Product Composition : 1ea   No.23

7. Expiration date : Listed on the product or package

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